Organic Hammer is a one-stop shop for hobby farmers offering design services, classes and supplies.

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We believe that taking a step toward a sustainable future begins at home.  Small changes such as harvesting water, composting food waste and growing food can have a huge impact on a family's health and wellbeing.  We teach practical, environmental solutions at the household and community level in a fun, hands- on way. 

It is our hope that by providing both the knowledge AND supplies to get started on the path of sustainability, people will feel inspired and ready to begin creating a healthier more abundant future for all of Southern California.  We're in it together! 

Hand-crafted & Home-made Class Schedule 

Celebrate a life of health and happiness by rediscovering our ancestral skills, tools and tastes! 

 "We came to Amy with an idea for changing our front yard and she immediately understood what we wanted to do and enhanced it.  Not only did she transform our yard, but our entire lives and even our relationships with our closest neighbors have changed.  She took an uninviting area of overgrown hedges and grass that we never went on and turned it into a beautiful garden with courtyard, seating and raised beds.  Our front yard is now a paradise that is not only beautiful and welcoming, but edible!  It also served to bring our neighbors together as they were intrigued by our changes and we all became closer, with our new garden serving as a gathering place.  She has introduced us to biodynamics and permaculture and we have grown more of our own food in our small yard than we ever felt possible.  I love being able to go outside each morning and fill my children's lunch boxes with treats from the garden. "