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Benefits of Backyard Farming

Benefits of Backyard Farming

1.  Freshness.  When food is picked fresh and eaten immediately, instead of being transported and stored, its nutrient content is at its highest and taste is at its best. 

2.  No chemicals.  Eliminating pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizer improves personal health, as well as the health of insect population and our ground water. 

3.  No driving.  Food grown at home eliminates the necessity of driving to and from the grocery store.  It also removes the transportation of produce, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and reduces carbon in our environment.  

4.  Understanding food.  A personal interaction with our food source reminds us of our humanity and our past as hunter-gatherers. 

5.  New hobby.  Gardening forces you to exercise, breath fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and observe the wonders of the natural world.  

6.  Healthy soil.  Healthy soil is the key to a healthy planet.  Soil controls and filters our water, soil stores carbon and maintains the balance of gasses in the air.  Soil supports biomass production which feeds us all.