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Cardiff Community Farm

"A Planting; Session 3":

Hello All! In April, 2014, we began the hands-on workshop series entitled, HOW TO BUILD A NURSERY, at a site adjacent to Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista. That series is ongoing. This Cardiff series is derived from and may be thought of as an extension of the Vista series. If you missed any of those original Vista sessions, Cardiff presents an excellent opportunity to do some catch up and practice the skills we are learning.

In the six original weekly sessions we learned a great deal about design, short and long-term planning, earthworks, efficient use of tools and methods of clearing large areas, pruning, mixing, custom soils for starting seeds and soils for transplanting sprouts; techniques for seed sowing and transplanting; and preparing the earth for planting. We generated thousands of seedlings in seed planting and transplant trays we had made ourselves.

In "A Planting, Sessions 1 and 2," we cleared a large area to establish a garden in which we transplanted hundreds of seedling into beds we composed using Juaquin's custom soil mix and techniques.

More area has been cleared for more transplanting for:

“A Planting; Session 3”

Friday afternoon,

August 22, 2014,

starting at 4:30 P.M at:

1957 Crest, Cardiff.

Come join us!

You need not have attended any of the previous sessions at Vista or Cardiff in order to participate from this point on. Just show up ready to learn, share, work. Come late/leave early if you have to.

Bring plenty of water to drink, snacks, lunch, gloves, a Planting Trowel, a hat, and a smile, as Fun Shall Be Suffered By All!).

RSVP ASAP and bring with you as many able bodies as you can muster. Hundreds of little plants will be so happy to see you (and, of course: so shall we) :-)